Business Provided

1Solar projects Investment

We lease various types of plants / farm buildings / public buildings / land which is suitable for solar photovoltaic project installation.

2Construction Contracting

We provide turnkey construction services for various types of high / low voltage solar photovoltaic projects. (roof type / ground type / water surface type)

3Solar projects Inspection

The technological advances in Solar projects construction is improving. Many old solar photovoltaic project are outdated in terms of materials and construction specification, so a proper renovation and maintenance will result in higher power yield.

4Consulting Services

We help companies or business owners in system planning/design and administrative procedures, and work with professional technician to provide material procurement suggestions.

5Operation and Maintenance Management

We provide regular cleaning and inspection, maintenance and repair, system monitoring and management, and suggestions for optimization and evaluation after the solar photovoltaic projects are connected into the grid.

6Systems reconstruction

For solar systems rectification or reconstruction for defects and losses in the systems, and use the latest technology to improve system efficiency and safety.

Equipment SalesSolar Photovoltaic Module Automatic Cleaning Vehicle

Rising-Sun Greenery Co., Ltd. is the agent of the top-class brand in Shanghai (Shanghai Westrong Technology Co., Ltd.) for hot sales products of solar power -feel free to contact us for more information about the solar system module cleaning robot BQ-700 and other supporting products.

Equipment Advantages

  • It improves the operating safety for cleaning personnel and avoid the risk of falling when people walk around.
  • It is not limited by the length of cleaning rods, and the layout design can effectively use the entire area of the roof.
  • The efficiency of module cleaning is promoted, effectively reducing cleaning costs and increasing power generation revenue.
  • It can reduce the water consumption of cleaning modules and meet the waste water discharge regulations of the power station.
  • The equipment system has a built-in fall-preventing sensor to reduce the risk of improper operation by the operator.
  • The special design of the non-slip tracks is for modular cleaning jobs on steeper roofs.
  • The weight of the single device is easy to hang and transport, which can effectively improve the cleaning range and operation efficiency.

Equipment Data

  • Control System: The stand-alone system is controlled with 2.4G long-range wireless remote control. With real-time detection and other functions, it can monitor the power usage. When using the battery, it can monitor the battery status and send the real-time operational data back. GPRS data transmission is adopted to achieve long-distance data transmission management, which can monitor the working position and working status of the cleaning equipment.
  • Built-in Battery: 24V, 32AH lithium battery, imported 18650 cells.
  • Device Casing: The aluminum casing protection cover is added to increase the protection of cleaning equipment and make it easy to clean in the future. Meanwhile, the appearance is beautiful and elegant.
  • Protection Level: IP65
Specifications BQ-700型
Length 1050mm
Width 810mm
Height 300mm
Weight of Main Device (including roller brush battery) 29KG
Brush Length 700mm
Travel Speed 25 m/min (horizontal deck)
Maximum Cleaning Efficiency about 1000m2/h
Maximum Climbing Capability 20o
Roller Brush Speed 300r/min
Remote Control Distance 50m
Lithium Battery Specification 24v 32Ah, 6KG

Warranty Requirement

From the date of shipment, Rising-Sun Greenery provides a 12-month warranty on the main unit, electronic control system and consumable components (electric roller brushes, anti-skid tracks, etc.). However, damage caused by daily cleaning, operation not in accordance with the product manual, disassembly of the machine without the consent of Rising-Sun Greenery, and improper operation by the purchaser (e.g. falling, gravity impact damage) are not covered by the warranty. During the corresponding warranty term, in case of any failure or damage that is not caused by human, Rising-Sun Greenery will be responsible for repairing or replacing it.

Intellectual Property Rights Statement

The design patent and intellectual property right of this product (solar power module automatic cleaning vehicle) belong to Shanghai Westrong Technology Co., Ltd. Without the written authorization from Shanghai Westrong, no one is allowed to disassemble, imitate, manufacture or sell the [solar power module automatic cleaning vehicle] or similar products manufactured by Shanghai Westrong for any reason or by any means. Once the above behavior occurs, it is considered to be an infringement of contract, and the purchaser recognizes and promises not to defend for any reason, and shall compensate Shanghai Westrong for infringement of contract in the amount of RMB 10 million. Both parties acknowledge that the default amount is reasonable and promise not to contest or advocate any adjustment to it in any future dispute resolution proceedings. If the actual loss or statutory compensation caused by the Purchaser's infringement of contract exceeds the amount of such liquidated damages, the purchaser shall compensate Shanghai Westrong in accordance with the actual loss or statutory compensation.

Link of the Introduction Video:

Equipment SalesGrounding Copper Sheet Set

  • Set: grounding copper sheet with stainless steel bolt set
  • Copper Material: brass
  • Set Component: grounding brass sheet*1 piece, M6 stainless steel bolt set*2 sets
  • Copper Sheet Size: 8mm*17mm
  • Screw Set Specification: M6 stainless steel carriage screws and hexagonal nuts
  • Sales Price:NT$20/untaxed per set
  • Applicable Groove Connection Sheet Opening: M6, M8 size