About Rising-Sun

Company Introduction

Rising-Sun Greenery Co., Ltd., established in 2016, is dedicated to building A+ class solar photovoltaic projects with high specifications. In the highly competitive solar projects environment, we insist on the philosophy of quality first and safety first, and never cut corners and dedicate ourselves to completing each solar photovoltaic engineering construction projects. The current long-term goal is to invest in solar photovoltaic projects up to 10MW and establish a full-scale operation and management team by 2025 for our own solar photovoltaic projects, which achieves the business purpose of sustainable operation.

Rising-Sun Greenery is qualified as a Class A contractor for high/low voltage solar photovoltaic engineering construction projects and uses SOLAR PRO, an internationally recognized shading simulation software, as a design tool to help investors find the best design solution for power generation. We achieve the tasks entrusted to us by our investors with a high standard of construction specification, incessant practice and optimization, and an attitude that does not compromise easily. As a result of the persistence, we have been granted by several investors and companies to build solar photovoltaic projects or to lease stations for building solar photovoltaic projects.

Business Philosophy

Integrity Management

Based on the business philosophy of probity, transparency and responsibility, Rising-Sun Greenery has established policies based on integrity, as well as good company governance and risk control mechanisms to create an operation environment for sustainable development.

Quality First

We put emphasis on product quality, build our own brand, lead the R&D team, and continue to develop innovative technology, which creates the best business image.

Safety First

We improve employees' safety awareness, create a correct viewpoint of safe construction, establish a construction safety supervision organization, and promote the obligations and responsibilities for safety work.

Prompt Service

With the concept of preventive maintenance, we analyze, detect, and troubleshoot potential failures of solar photovoltaic projects immediately, and provide maintenance services to avoid high-risk events.

Company Architecture

Certificate of Qualification

Our Features

Design / Procurement / Supervision / Warranty / Maintenance

Rising-Sun Greenery is a professional Solar Photovoltaic company capable of providing complete services. Our employees work together to provide premium Solar photovoltaic projects systems to customers, and also provide robust maintenance and after-sales services to each investor. Rising-Sun Greenery will not leave our solar photovoltaic projects unattended.

Third-party Notary organization for Acceptance Inspection to Ensure Quality

For the contracted solar photovoltaic projects, Rising-Sun Greenery upholds the attitude of continuous self-motivation to perform our work and build our reputation and goodwill. For medium to large projects over 1Mw, a third-party notary organization has been appointed for the acceptance inspection, which ensures investors and give them more confidence in Rising-Sun Greenery.

Use of High Specification Imported Materials to Prevent Water Leakage and Fire Damage

In the current solar power industry, solar system installation technology is improving year by year, and investors are demanding more and more about construction specification. As for the safety and disaster prevention of the system, we carefully select the components and materials of the solar photovoltaic projects from domestic and overseas suppliers to significantly reduce the risk of hazard to the investors in the current environment of Taiwan.

Solar projects Investment and Construction Projects Contracting, Sustainable Management Worth of Your Trust

Rising-Sun Greenery has invested in solar photovoltaic projects since 2018 and tried to understand the investors from another perspective, considerably providing more comprehensive and more premium solar photovoltaic projects. Meanwhile, due to the stable revenue of solar photovoltaic projects, Rising-Sun Greenery can continue to operate, ensuring that our customers can receive long-term and stable after-sale services.

Flexible Lease Terms to Meet the Requirements of Various Owners

The major requirement by investors for investing in solar photovoltaic projects is the stable cash flow over the long term. For the lessor, signing a 20-year lease without sufficient trust will certainly be a cause for concern. Rising-Sun Greenery believes in its technical expertise and has the capacity to adjust the lease terms to achieve a win-win situation.